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“Raising up Discerning Christian Leaders for the 21st Century.” 

Malama Adventist Elementary school and Daycare in Waianae (one block west of Long’s) provides a high quality Preschool through 8 education program in the Christian tradition which emphasizes the lordship of Jesus Christ over all areas of life. It also prepares students spiritually, socially, academically, and physically to serve society effectively and glorify God by honoring Him in all aspects of life.

Today, our school offers a broad educational program including core curricular subjects as well as Bible, art, music, computer science, physical education, and many co-curricular activities.

An elementary education at our Christian Elementary campus provides strong academics in the basics of reading, language arts and mathematics as well as a solid foundation in social studies, science and health all taught from a Bible-based perspective. Various classroom activities and school events provide colorful avenues for student creativity and leadership. Daily Bible instruction and prayer, Scripture memorization, weekly chapel services and positive adult Christian role models all help each child seek and develop a growing relationship with God Malama Adventist Christian elementary school and Day-Care offer children a safe, positive and encouraging educational environment

Educational Philosophy

Based on a God-centered view of truth as presented in the Bible, the integrating center for all of Malama’s educational experiences is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Malama Adventist School offers an environment that promotes and teaches spiritual principles of living and encourages positive relationships within the context of biblical imperatives. Core academic areas require content accountability and focus on the leadership abilities of clear and effective oral and written communication; sound reasoning skills, numerical reasoning and computational ability and clear decision-making. The curriculum challenges the student to use every talent vigorously to honor God and contribute to society. Students must be prepared to meet life’s intellectual and philosophical challenges with a well-reasoned faith.

Whether in preschool or elementary school, Biblical Worldview is not a subject that is merely “tacked on” to the rest of the curricular areas. Malama Adventist School’s deep commitment to the development of discerning leaders requires instilling in students a value system from which to discern right and wrong.

Certified Christian teachers equip students to lead and succeed through knowledge of God’s word, combined with high-quality academic training.

“Raising up Discerning Christian Leaders for the 21st Century”

That is the God-given calling and vision that has rallied many gifted people together from across our community to share in the development of a Christian elementary school and Daycare in our Waianae region

Throughout our Malama Christian family, you will find a common commitment and understanding among our faculty, staff and parents: Our children are our future and have the privilege and the responsibility to train them up to become the leaders of tomorrow who will positively impact their world for Jesus Christ.

We would be honored to serve your family by partnering with you in preparing your child spiritually, personally and academically. Our doors are open to you. Come see why so many families in our community are choosing the benefits of Malama Adventist Christian School for their children’s Christian education from preschool through grade 8.


The idea of education as expressed by one of the founders of the Adventist School System: "True education means more than a pursual of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that is now. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world, and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come." Education, p. 13.
   Education must include the communion of the mind of man with the mind of God. This communion should lead to the acceptance, in sentiment and principle of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The principles of education given by Jesus are the only safe guides.  When the great truths of God's Word are believed and received and carried into life practice, education of the highest order results.
   In harmony with this idea the school will endeavor to carry on a school program in which equal emphasis will be given to the physical, mental, social and spiritual phases of education.